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When you install any countertop with us, we are offering 25% discount at backsplash installation

If you desire a kitchen renovation, design or an actual upgrade, installing a new backsplash is the most inexpensive option.

The integration of a backsplash is an impressive way to add wonder to your kitchen.

The backsplash is the arrangement of materials such as tile, stone or metal behind the counter and between the countertop and the upper cabinets. Visualizing the backsplash as a key point of style during the development of a kitchen scheme will provide a unique appearance to your project. Petrax Countertop has many options for kitchen backsplash design. We will provide you with the backsplash styles to best suit the look and feel of your kitchen. A great kitchen backsplash design can provide the focal point and the key elements in the general scheme. Choosing your materials and their arrangements can prevent your kitchen from looking cluttered and in disarray. Our staff will work with you to ensure that your scheme coordinates all components of your kitchen matching to a central theme.

A successful kitchen backsplash arrangement depends on various key elements.

C olor and texture need to work together to contribute to a central theme. Material need to be picked to complement the colors of your scheme. The textures in your backsplash should adhere to the overall theme. For example a contemporary design will integrate smooth tiles while Mediterranean styles will showcase a worn, chipped finish. The most desirable kitchen will be simple enough to gather various components of the kitchen. Think of your kitchen backsplash design as the glue that binds your kitchen together. All the work is done by professional tile installers. We are tile installers, with many years of experience, and do high-quality work. Petrax Countertop is built on a solid foundation of warranties and promise.

Quality work and Lowest Prices guaranteed!